This schedule is subject to change . . . often. So hang around. We’ll have fun no matter what happens. All times are Eastern.


Dave Adamson & Julianna Vereecken
7:30 PM Opening Keynote Session
Jon Acuff, Reggie Joiner, Virginia Ward & Kristen Ivy


8:30 AM Welcome
Dave Adamson & Julianna Vereecken
8:55 AM Morning Keynote Session
Dharius Daniels, Kristen Ivy, Nona Jones, & Mike Foster
10:00 AM Exclusive Interview
Matthew Deprez
10:15 AM Exclusive Interview
Kara Powell
10:30 AM Exclusive Interview
Nona Jones
10:45 AM Breakout: “Lead Kids Toward Sexual Integrity at Every Phase”
Dr. Jim Burns
11:45 AM Exclusive Interview
Kristen Ivy
12:00 PM Focus on Youth Ministry
Crystal Chiang, Gerald Fadayomi, Stuart Hall, & Ashley Bohinc
12:45 PM Exclusive Interview
Geoff & Sherry Surratt
1:00 PM Exclusive Interview
Paula Danielle
1:15 PM Breakout: “Build a Relationally Driven Church”
Virginia Ward
2:15 PM Exclusive Interview
Jon Acuff
2:30 PM Exclusive Interview
Italo Balendria
2:45 PM Exclusive Interview
Ted Lowe
3:00 PM Breakout: “Engage Parents and Volunteers Every Year”
Frank Bealer
* Send in your questions to #OC19Live for Frank to answer at 4:30 p.m.!
4:00 PM Exclusive Interview
Afton Phillips
4:15 PM Exclusive Interview
Brittany Compton
4:30 PM Exclusive Interview
Frank Bealer
4:45 PM Breakout: “Build a Social Media Strategy”
Dave Adamson


8:15 AM Welcome
Dave Adamson & Julianna Vereecken
8:30 AM Morning Keynote Session
Tom Shefchunas, Crystal Chiang, Mike Foster & Danielle Strickland
10:00 AM Exclusive Interview
Carlos Whittaker
10:15 AM Exclusive Interview
Hannah Joiner-Crosby
10:30 AM Exclusive Interview
Orange VBS Team
10:45 AM Focus on Serving Leaders
Amy Fenton, Brett Talley & Candice Wynn
11:00 AM Focus on Children’s Ministry
Mike Clear, Gina McClain & Kellen Moore
11:30 AM Exclusive Programming
All New FX Showcase
* Send questions to #OC19LIVE for Greg Payne to answer immediately following the showcase!
12:30 PM Exclusive Interview
Greg Payne
12:45 PM Exclusive Interview
Dan Scott & Deborah Tillman
1:10 PM Exclusive Interview
Bob Goff
1:30 PM Instant Replay: Watch the Opening Session Message from Reggie Joiner
2:15 PM Afternoon Keynote Session
David Salyers & Clay Scroggins
2:45 PM Exclusive Interview
Tom Shefchunas
3:00 PM Special Guest Appearance
“The So & So Show” Cast (Jon, Brandon & Kellen)
3:30 PM Closing Keynote Session
Gerald Fadayomi & Bob Goff


Dave_Adamson_BW_250Much to the surprise of his high school English teacher, Dave Adamson made a living as a TV reporter on one of Australia’s top sports networks. But he turned his back on the high-paying world of sports media to become a professional Christian, moving to the US with his wife, Meg, and three daughters, Chelsea, Ella, and Jordyn. When he’s not working as a pastor at North Point Ministries in Atlanta, he’s usually making his family cross their arms, roll their eyes, and tap their feet while he takes “just one more quick photo” on family outings. You’ll also often find him up to his neck in “Jewish stuff” as he researches the cultural context of Jesus for his daily Instagram devotions.



DanielDejesusJulianna was born and raised as a missionary kid in Mexico. There, she married her husband, Juan Carlos, and had two kids, Ashton and Ashley. They moved to Georgia in 2017 to work at Woodstock City Church. Julianna embodies what it is to be a bull in a china shop, but she loves ALL. THE. PEOPLE.