This schedule subject to change . . . often. So hang around. We’ll have fun no matter what happens. All times are Eastern.

Wednesday, April 26

7:30 PM LIVE: Opening Keynote Session with Reggie Joiner

Thursday, April 27

10:45 AM Welcome and Prize Giveaway with Dave Adamson and Daniel De Jesus
Orange Essentials with Reggie Joiner
11:50 AM Carlos Whittaker
12:00 PM Lucas Leys
12:10 PM Kara Powell & Doug Fields
12:30 PM Jon Acuff
12:40 PM Ted Lowe
  1:00 PM Sam Collier
  1:10 PM Danielle Strickland
  1:20 PM “Lead Small Training” with Afton Phillips
  1:50 PM “Speaking to Students” Training with Ben Crawshaw & Jamey Dickens
  2:20 PM Chrystina Fincher
  2:50 PM Brad Griffin
  3:00 PM “New Kind of Leader” Training with Kristen Ivy
  3:35 PM “Living a Better Story” Training with Crystal Chiang
  4:00 PM Jim Wideman
  4:15 PM Kenny Conley
  4:30 PM Jeff Henderson
  4:50 PM Kevin Jennings
  5:05 PM Kristen Ivy

Friday, April 28

10:00 AM Welcome and Prize Giveaway with Dave Adamson and Daniel De Jesus
10:10 AM Sherry Surratt
10:20 AM Amy Fenton
10:30 AM Bob Goff
10:45 AM Brett Talley
10:55 AM Jud Wilhite
11:15 AM Adam Duckworth & Sue Miller
11:25 AM REPLAY: Opening Session Message with Reggie Joiner
  1:00 PM LaTasha Morrison
  1:25 PM Nicole Baker Fulgham
  1:35 PM TBD
  1:45 PM Mike Foster
  1:55 PM Mike Clear
  2:05 PM Frank Bealer
  2:15 PM Tom Shefchunas
  2:35 PM Afton Phillips
  2:50 PM Carey Nieuwhof
  3:30 PM LIVE: Last Session with Doug Fields and LaCrae


Dave_Adamson_BW_250Much to the surprise of his high school English teacher, Dave Adamson made a living as a TV reporter on one of Australia’s top sports networks. But he turned his back on the high-paying world of sports media to become a professional Christian, moving to the US with his wife, Meg, and three daughters, Chelsea, Ella, and Jordyn. When he’s not working as a pastor at North Point Ministries in Atlanta, he’s usually making his family cross their arms, roll their eyes, and tap their feet while he takes “just one more quick photo” on family outings. You’ll also often find him up to his neck in “Jewish stuff” as he researches the cultural context of Jesus for his daily Instagram devotions.



DanielDejesusDaniel De Jesus lives in Dallas, TX with his high school sweetheart, Marquita, and their two sassy daughters. An 11-year veteran of children’s ministry, he currently serves as the Elementary Pastor at Bent Tree Bible, a multi-site church whose mission is to “see to it that no one misses the grace of God”. Daniel also collaborates with leading organizations such as The Mentoring Project on initiatives that help rewrite the story of the fatherless generation as well as Orange on their Go Weekly strategy. He is a dancer, graphic designer, and new blogger. You can learn more about Daniel at


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